Dan here, director of sales for Grey Sky Films. We are involved in television, film,
national and regional commercials, music videos through Sony/BMG, corporate and
industrial films, dvds and more. We also create powerful films designed to help
YOU communicate your message better and create all new sales opportunities.

One of the most important, if not the most important aspects of running a successful
business today is when a potential customer comes to your website. Now imagine if
you will an amazing ‘overview film’ telling your story or perhaps a ‘testimonial
film’ highlighting some of your best clients or maybe even an ‘instructional’ film
explaining exactly what you do. You see we make it easy for you by designing the
types of films that are perfect for your business. Films that are not only featured on
your website, but also on all of the prominent social media sites used successfully
today like You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook, Linked In, Twitter and more. Even used on
a dvd to hand out to prospects..  Plus -  we not only develop your films, but we also
assist you in marketing them on the web. If you are in need of creating new sales
opportunities and want to connect with new and existing customers on a much
greater level, contact me to learn more about how we can film YOUR BUSINESS!
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Dan Hollis  -  Director of Sales  -  Grey Sky Films  
dan@greyskyfilms.com      www.greyskyfilms.com
Here's an example of an Overview Film
We do national, regional, and local
commercials - Click on the bike above
We do music videos, interviews and the like -
here's a sample
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And here is a humorous film we
developed for a client..click on Muttley
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