Thanks for your kind's most appreciated!!!!!!!
-Dan and Doc
From the desk of our good friend, Don Hall, owner of the wonderful Chatterbox Drive In Restaurant:
Doc South has been a part of the Chatterbox family since our opening. We are proud and excited to be a part of
Doc's new radio show on the Internet. For those of you who listened to Doc for years at WNTI and WRNJ, you will
feel right at home. For all of the other "new" listeners, be prepared to instantly settle in and listen to Doc, his easy
style, and great music. Listening to Doc's show is as close to a 'time machine' as you can come. Hope you like it.
--Don Hall - Feb.2009
Tom Hall - Sun 2.15.09
Hi Doc,
I'm an old listener from your WNTI days when I lived in Knowlton, NJ.  I always looked forward to Wednesday night
and the hand off from Tom Haynes to you and listening to your show.  I'm not even a big fan of the music per se,
being born in 1955.  I started with the Beatles.  But you are a DJ in the ‘old sense’ of the term.  You play the
music, but you also entertain, you are great company.  I swear you are the embodiment of a radio personality.  Well,
WNTI was great radio until they got "commercial" or whatever back in what, 2003?.  I called to voice my complaint,
but what the heck.   Well in 2004 we moved to Las Vegas.  Radio here sucks even more then in NJ, so I learned
about Live 365 and other internet radio options.  Well I just saw the article in the Easton Express. I check the NJ
newspapers everyday on-line.  Remember good old Joe Bud from NTI?  I catch him on line on WDVR occasionally.  
He's Joe Bud, a unique guy I know, but we used to work together back when.  I loved your stories about your cleaning
out peoples' houses gigs.  Sounds interesting, like opening time capsules.  But hard work I'm sure.
Well I hope to make your show more than 2 hits next week.

Tom - Wed 2.18.09
Hi Dan,
I love the Time Travel web site.  I was listening today’s LIVE from the Chatterbox show.  It was still Sonny's back
when I was around.  Please feel free to use whatever is appropriate for you guys.  If I'd have known, I would have
used some classier verbiage.  I sincerely hope you do well.  I enjoy tuning in and hearing about the old home.  
Everything here in Vegas is so commercial and phony.  It seems the older we get, the more nostalgic we become.  
Good Luck to you and Doc,
Doug Koeppen - Sat 2.14.09
Hey Doc: Man you made my day. What a pleasure to hear that long missed, familiar voice on the speakers once again.
If you ever checked your name on the computer you would have realized that many of your listeners missed you, your
music, your unforgettable stories and your trips back to the future - and even your eating habits. There we go,
talking about those chicken pot pies. Some things never change and rightfully should not. Hope you're still using that
White Castle mug that I replaced.You did one heck of a job for the community at large in your former position and I
know you will continue long into the future. Now I have to figure out how to run a long wire from my computer to the
outside bullhorn speaker on the back porch that I always listened to when you were on while taking an afternoon break
in my hammock that was hung between two apple trees. At my side was the wireless telephone in case you ran a trivia
question. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I had to replace my earphones on my small portable years ago just so I could
listen in while riding my lawn tractor cutting the grass. Well, here we go back to that time machine and hopefully get
back to business listening to the Doc South Front Porch Show. Hope to see you at the Chatterbox soon. Best of luck in
your new venture.
Doug Koeppen

Doug - Wed 2.18.09
Dan: Why most certainly you can use my note to Doc. He was a great help for several years to me and the Warren
County's Policemen's Benevolent Association Local 280 and the Central Warren Youth Association when we ran our
Annual Christmas Toy Drive that gave boxes of toys to up to 900 underprivileged children living in Warren County. As
a retired police chief in Washington Borough, I also know that he helped many people that were victims of personal
disasters - either the loss of their houses due to fires or to serious illnesses, disease or as a result of 9-11. I also
remember going to his former job and presenting him with a plaque of appreciation from and on behalf of the Warren
County American Legion for all the help he gave us supporting us in our efforts to help the members and families of
the local National Guard Troops that were activated in the War on Terrorism. Nothing more can really be said about
Doc who also happens to spin the greatest of the best. That's Doc, a touch of southern hospitality and if more people
were like him ,we wouldn’t be in the circumstances that we face today. Best of Luck in your venture and hope it grows
better than his pumpkins.
Doug Koeppen
Hartunian - Sat 2.14.09
Hi Doc,
I'm ecstatic - you're back! I read the article in the North Warren News and immediately hopped on the Internet -
and there you were. You've made me - and all of my dogs - darned happy on this Valentine's Day. Let me know if
there's anything I can do to help you.
Paul Hartunia

Paul - Wed 2.18.09
Hi Dan,
You are most welcome to share those words. Thanks for bringing Doc back.
Carolyn Pasqua - Wed 2.18.09
Hi Doc South,
This is Carolyn Pasqua.  I went to Centenary years ago and did a radio show called 70’s Classic Cuts when you were
there.  I saw the article in the paper about you and checked out your website.  It is a fun website.  I am going to
explore it more.  Great to see you’re still doing the radio thing.  I have been away from radio for so long – I’m
jealous!  Best of luck with everything!  Hope Sunshine is doing well.  Take care.

Caroyn - Wed 2.18.09
Absolutely Dan, you can share my email with your listeners. That would be great!  
Take care.

Carolyn - Fri 2.20.09
Dan,your website is fun!  I have been looking at it over the past few days. I’ve even told a few friends about it and
they are logging on and enjoying it. Good Stuff!
Heather - Sun 2.15.09
Hey Doc! I am a local listener just down the street in Hampton Twp, NJ!  I am a regular Wednesday customer at the
Chatterbox and enjoy listening to your tunes. I am 26 and grew up listening to the oldies! This is a great station to
bee bop around the house as I am cleaning up today! Well, I will be stopping in to the chatterbox later this evening
with my folks, tell Mr Hall Jim and Heather say hello! And can I request 409 from the Beach Boys! Thanks much!

Heather - Tue 2.17.09
Yes you may share with the listeners on the website! Thank you for asking!
Andy - Tue 2.17.09

Andy - Tue 2.17.09
Tom - Tue 2.14.09
Hi Doc. Listening to you on my PC in Hope.  Good luck with your "new" show.
Long time fan. -Tom

Tom - Thur 2.19.09
Hi Dan.  Sure you can use my e-mail to Doc. Anything to help.
Tom P.
Marsha Wyckoff - Thur 2.19.09
Dear Doc,
When I was listening to your show at lunchtime today (Feb. 19th) I heard you play
The Lone Ranger. I think that's
great!! I always enjoyed the clips from old radio shows that you used to play on The Front Porch, and that show was
great, but this is just that much better.
A Faithful listener…Marsha.

Thur 2.19.09
Definitely!! I have contacted a number of people about the internet radio station and those who used to listen to Doc
are glad he's back, hope the station catches on. Dan, I remember you were a judge on one or more of Doc's cooking

Just wanted to add that our whole family enjoys Doc. We usually get to the Chatterbox once a month and my son
(who is 27) loves hearing Doc play "My Boyfriend's Back" and "Rock Around the Clock"…Marsha.
Wayne Cecchetti - Sat 2.21.09
Hi Doc, stumbled upon your website on google search. Missed you on AM radio so it is great to hear you again. Love
the variety of oldies you play, keep up the good work - Wayne
Les Nicholson - Mon 2.23.09
Doc….   Your site is great.  Congratulations and I look forward to lots of time enjoying the show. See you soon at the
PS….   Ray and I are planning on doing another food drive at the A&P.  I’ve already talked with the manager there
and we are looking at the Sunday before Easter.   We would love to have you help as you did the last time.   I will
keep you posted as we lock down the date.

Mon 2.23.09
Dan…   Feel free to use what I wrote.  I will also get the word out about your station to the
Our Gang Cruisers Car
and the North Jersey Street Rod Association.  
Cheryl MacIntosh from Johnsonburg - Wed 1.28.09
YEAH!!  I am soooooo glad Doc is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We've missed you, Doc.  I can't wait to tell everyone!!!

Tue 2.24.09
Hi Dan,
I've loved having Time Travel on my computer.  I have told a lot of people that Doc is back and they are now listening
too.  We love Doc and we love the new web page.  Hope to make it to see him live one Saturday night.  Our school
was on one of Doc's shows once.  Would love to do it again...  I'll even wear my poodle skirt  (well maybe you
wouldn't want me to  hehe).  Keep up the great work!!
Cheryl MacIntosh
Marie and Smitty - Fri 2.27.09
Hi Doc--Just heard your voice on the internet. I thought we were at the Chatterbox tonight, but we are in sunny
Florida. We really like it here. There is so much to do all the time. This week is bike week. The bikes are here.
Lots of them We enjoyed listening to you. It’s been a while. We have been here since December. Say hello to all.
Marie and Smitty
(This very touching email from Michele in Florida)

Michele M. - Florida Listener - Fri 2.27.09
Watching the national news as of lately, one will easily find them self depressed and overwhelmed with fear. I too am
a statistic of the economy as my business is down significantly. I have taken some time lately to think about my
childhood, the present, and my family's future.

I can start by telling you that when I ask myself what my fondest childhood memories are, I seem to always
reminisce on the simple things. Time with family! Times that always seem to have music in the "background. "Waking
up on a Saturday morning to the sounds of "The 4 Seasons", Bobby Vinton etc and the smell of pancakes, or car rides
for Sunday visits, hearing Gladys Knight, the Carpenters etc playing on the radio. Spending time at my Grandparents
where they would tune the local am station to "polka night" and spend the night singing and dancing as my sister and I
would watch and chuckle. Music was always a part of our life. It was simple music, music that my Mother knew was
appropriate, even for her small children.

Well, here I am now a mother myself. I too want my children to remember their childhood as simple times, even in
light of the crisis that we as a nation find ourselves in. I have decided to turn off the news and listen to your station
more often. I find that your station changes my mood instantly, which then changes the mood in my household. I love
hearing an innocent old love song, a song I may not have heard before, a song that I thought was new but found out
from your show who the original artist was and my version was a remake, or a song that I may remember my Mom
and Dad listening to. Your station is one that I never have to worry about my children listening to. (I find myself
changing stations often when driving to make sure my girls don’t hear something inappropriate.) I gladly let my
daughters enjoy the music and Doc's stories as I also enjoy hearing them. Your station has become "part of the

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the station and also give kudos for a job well done. No, I'm not
ignoring the issues we face, but maybe, just maybe... times like these will bring families together and remind us of
what is truly important. As for me, I will stay positive, make simple wonderful memories for my family, and spend
time "on the Front Porch."

With love, gratitude and admiration...
Bob Cruts  - Sat 2.28.09
Hi Doc,
My name's Bob. I'm of the generation that enjoyed these songs when they were new. I stumbled upon your website
while reading the Warren Reporter on line. As a collector of vintage tube, transistor, and novelty radios, I've often
thought of how neat it would be to bring back a show from the bygone days.  I've listened to Boston Pete for the last
couple of years. Your show is much better. Even though Boston Pete is hosted by Will Hutchison, of
Sugarfoot fame,
you have a much wider selection. I especially enjoyed listening to the Lone Ranger, with a couple of songs between
shows. To do the same on Boston Pete, you have to switch stations. Keep up the good work. You've found a new fan
here. --Bob
Bob Michaels - Tue 3.3.09
Hi Doc,
My wife and I had lunch this afternoon at the Chatterbox, where we found you set up broadcasting your show over
the internet.  It was great hearing the old tunes and noting you were playing them from vinyl records!

Over 40 years ago I worked as a volunteer DJ at a remote radar installation for Armed Forces Radio.  I then went
to NYSAS and got my 3rd class FCC ticket.  From there I worked in Keene, New Hampshire and Liberty, New York,
albeit very briefly.  I decided that I really needed to eat and that radio just wasn't paying very much unless you
were REALLY good, so I left the broadcast industry.  I still miss spinning the ol' tunes and the interaction with
listeners, but that is all a part of my past.

Good luck in your new internet venture.  I enjoyed bumping into you today.  Keep playing those "tunes"!
--Bob Michaels
Ralph Spengler - Fri 3.6.09
Hi Doc.  The person you are talking about is the Great and Only Red Skelton.  Thanks for being on the AIR?  Its
hard getting use to saying internet. It’s so good to hear all the different types of music and the old shows. It sounds

Ralph Spengler    
Newton, NJ
Doug Daley - Sat 3.28.09
Hi Doc,
It's Doug from know the guy with the Buckley's. I'm glad to see your vision has come true.  I look
forward to tuning in on a regular basis. -All the best to you, Sandy and the family.


Well Doc it was like this,
I was in my home office this week and it was too quiet.  I wanted some variety over my speakers and remembered
how I used enjoy tuning into your program. Then I recalled one of our last emails that the internet was one of the
options you were looking into for a return to the airwaves. When I typed your name in as an internet search I was so
happy to see that I could enjoy your repertoire of music once again. Your station is now part of my favorites.  
Welcome back to my home office. I'm logged on now and look forward to spending the afternoon listening. A big hello
to all my friends who may be listening from Long Valley.

Be well,
John T. - Sun 3.29.09
Hi Doc:
Long time NTI listener.  Moved to Hampton, VA 2 1/2 years ago and just found you.  Now listening at work and
driving the youngsters crazy. Thanks for everything and keep plugging along.  I am a forever follower.
Have a great weekend,

John T.
Karen O'Dell - Sat 4.4.09
Hi Doc,
I listen to your show on the Internet and I love it!  I'm so glad to hear your show again.
Trivia question: Which actor sang "Young Love"?
Answer: Tab Hunter

Karen O'Dell
(P.S.) Will you be at Memorial Motor Madness this year?
Beth - Sat 6.13.09
Hi Doc,
I just wanted to say thanks for bringing the music back.  It is so hard to find '50s and '60s music, especially these
days.  I'm often forced to listen to AM stations like WMTR, which doesn't get the greatest reception.
I have a lot of it on CD and on my I-pod, but I prefer the radio when I can find a good station like yours.
Thank you for bringing back the music that I love.
Wharton, NJ
Debbie - 10.27.09
Just want to let you know I listen to your show
everyday.  I love to put it on and listen to the
music while I am doing my computer work and paying
the bills. We sure miss the car shows.  Can't wait till spring.
See you soon.

Debbie and Mike
Chris and Joe